8 Weird & Wonderful Liqueurs Available In Guernsey

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To celebrate National Liqueur Day, we scoured through Guernsey’s wide-range of distributors to bring you these peculiar liqueurs that you can buy today.

A liqueur, by EEC definition, is a liquid that is produced by flavouring ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin or a distillate of agricultural origin and must contain at least 100 grams of sugar per litre (expressed as invert sugar), those that are labelled “créme de…” (i.e. créme de menthe) must have a minimum 250g of invert sugar per litre, with the exception of crème de cassis (blackcurrant) which must be at least 400g/litre.

That’s the boring stuff out of the way, read on for our list of weird & wonderful liqueurs you can buy right now in Guernsey:


Lapsang SuchongLapsang Souchong Liqueur

This surprisingly pleasant liqueur is produced by De Kuyper and is available from The Corkscrew in The Commercial Arcade. The strong smokey tea flavour from the lapsang souchong is, quite interestingly, contrasted by the high sugar content required as stated above. Sweet on the palate with a smokey finish, this liqueur is a key component in our Chinensis Tea.

Lemongrass LiqueurLemongrass

Another interesting flavour from De Kuyper this eau-de-vie & gin-based liqueur provides a hearty & crisp taste. Serve this long in a gin cocktail with tonic, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Available from The Corkscrew in The Commercial Arcade.

Haut MaisonLoganberry Liqueur

A loganberry is a hybrid berry produced from pollinating a blackberry plant with a raspberry plant. Grown on-island by Haut Maison in their orchards, their loganberry liqueur has a sophisticated berry-taste and is delicious with prosecco or in a spritzer on a hot day. Haut Maison Liqueurs are stocked island-wide, just keep an eye out for their iconic puffin logo.

Lychee LiqueurLychee

Briottet are a family-run company based in France who produce a massive range of quality liqueurs, many you’ll be familiar with and many you may not. Which brings us on to our fourth weird and wonderful liqueur, Lychee (or Litchi, as all of Briottet’s liqueurs are traditionally labelled in French). Lychee is a famed for its perfumed-citrus flavour and is a key ingredient in Laska’s popular cocktail “Mandarin Oriental”. Briottet Liqueurs are stocked by Sommelier Grapevine on St. George’s Esplanade.

Salted CaramelSalted Caramel

Salted caramel is all the rage at the moment, from ice cream, to popcorn, to chocolate, to vodka. Stolichnaya (a premium Russian vodka brand), produce a Salted Caramel Vodka, whilst not strictly a liqueur, we had to include this on the list and we’re confident it would make a mean White Russian. Available from Waitrose Rohais & Waitrose Admiral Park.

Attar of Rose LiqueurLanique

A truly unique product, “Lanique” is a spirit-liqueur (a liqueur with a strength akin to standard neutral spirits) that is infused with attar of rose (the essential oil extracted from rose petals). Whilst a little bit too pokey by itself, this can be enjoyed on the rocks, which will slightly dilute the alcohol, or with tonic & lime for a very unique tipple. Lanique is a Jersey-owned product and is available from Bucktrouts Admiral Park.


Advocaat is a whole classification on its own. Advocaat’s ingredients are “quality egg yolk, egg white and sugar or honey. The minimum sugar or honey content must be 150 grams per litre. The minimum egg yolk content must be 140 grams per litre of the final product.” It is often used in desserts, served as a digestif (with whipped cream) or as the popular serve, Bombardino (for those of you who have been skiing, this will no doubt ring a bell), which is advocaat served with brandy, normally hot with whipped cream. Advocaat is available from Bucktrouts, just keep an eye out for a bottle that is distinctly-coloured like egg-yolk, yum.


Strega is a herbal liqueur that has a large variety of herbs (over 70 in total) to produce it’s unique flavour. Saffron gives Strega its mild yellow colour and most people will say the predominant flavours are mint and fennel. Whilst the liqueur is sometimes used in cooking and cocktails, we recommend having this straight over ice to appreciate the variety of flavours. Strega is available from Bucktrouts.


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