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Fifth in our #HouseHeroes series, is our house gin: the award-winning ‘Fords Gin’ from The 86 Co.


We stumbled across Fords Gin in an industry magazine when we were doing our initial business planning back in 2013, we were immediately hooked on the story they were telling; a gin made by bartenders for bartenders. No marketing fluff, no pointless information on the labels – straight-forward straight-talking quality gin that is reasonably priced. That £45 bottle of gin your drinking? It probably cost the same to produce, it’s all in the marketing. Everything from the taste profile to the design of the bottle is designed for use in cocktails and bars, we bought a case immediately and five years on we’ve never looked back.

The 9-botanical mix is steeped for 15 hours prior to a 5-hour distillation at the world-famous Thames Distillery, under the watchful eye of eighth-generation master distiller Charles Maxwell (Thames Distillery is responsible for over 100 gin brands including Portobello Road, Oxley & Fifty Pounds Gin) whereafter it’s shipped to Mendocino County, California and cut with local well water and bottled at 45%.

The botanicals are sourced from all over the world by the acclaimed botanical merchants Joseph Flach & Sons, who have been around since the 1800s; juniper from Italy, jasmine from China and cassia from Indonesia to name a few.

It’s clear from their honest marketing & labelling that every single step of the process is done by the best in the business; the best distillers, the best botanical sourcing and the best team leading it forward, which is exactly why it’s front and centre at every event we do.


A pronounced juniper scent on the nose (it makes up 49% of the botanical mix), spice and a touch of floral elements. The flavour is rich and juniper is immediately detectable, this is a classic London Dry Gin at its best, with a contemporary twist. A fantastic citrus finish with grapefruit and lemon peel.

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